Menpo Playground
an isolated, standalone build of Menpo.
choose your operating system.

A Menpo Playground is an archived directory you can download that contains:

  1. A full isolated Python installation containing the Menpo Project with all its dependencies ready to go
  2. A set of notebooks that you can run immediately to see how to use Menpo
  3. Two command line tools, menpofit, and menpodetect (provided by menpocli), that can be used to locate bounding boxes and landmarks in challenging in-the-wild facial images
  4. Detailed documentation on how to use the provided tools

There is no installation procedure for a playground, just download, extract, and use. When you are done with it, just delete the folder.

A playground is great from newcomers to Menpo, or just for anyone needing a hassle-free standalone build of Menpo (say, to deploy on a server).

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