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Welcome to the Menpo project!

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The Menpo project is a set of Python libraries for manipulating data that is particularly useful for Machine Learning and Computer Vision. The core menpo library contains a number of powerful tools for manipulating annotated image and mesh data. menpo focuses on making importing, manipulating and visualizing data as simple as possible. This makes us strong supporters of projects like the Jupyter notebook.

The Menpo project also includes another tool that makes annotating new datasets even easier! Freely available a, the landmarker is a tool that makes it simple to annotate new images.

On top of the core menpo library, we have implemented a number of other libraries that utilize menpo for more specific purposes. Currently, the Menpo project libraries include:


The Menpo project is written in Python and we provide a simple and easy method of installation using Conda. We suggest you head over to the installation instructions to get started. We recommend the use of conda due to the fact that the Menpo projects also include compiled C/C++ code which may be complicated to compile on various platforms.

Citing the Menpo project

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