IPython Notebooks

As part of the project, we maintain a set of Jupyter notebooks that help illustrate how Menpo should be used.

The notebooks for each of the core four Menpo Libraries are kept inside their own Github repositories. If you wish to view the static output of the notebooks, feel free to browse them online using the provided links. This gives a great way to passively read the notebooks without needing a full Python environment. Note that these copies of the notebook contain only static output and thus cannot be run directly - to execute them you need to download them, install menpo, and open the notebook in Jupyter.

Running The Notebooks Locally

In order to experiment with the Menpo codebase, we suggest you download the notebooks and run them yourself. Before being able to run the notebooks you must install menpo. Head to the installation instructions before continuing.

  1. Start by downloading the notebooks and extracting the zip somewhere on your local disk. Please substitute NOTEBOOKS_PATH with this path in the following instructions.
  2. We then need to run the notebooks using the jupyter notebook application. Begin by opening a command prompt/terminal and changing to the directory where you extracted the notebooks:


    $ source activate menpo
    (menpo) $ jupyter notebook


    NOTEBOOKS_PATH>activate menpo
    [menpo] NOTEBOOKS_PATH>jupyter notebook
  3. A browser should open and show the Jupyter notebook browser. Click a notebook to open it. You can now run the notebooks by executing each code cell and following the documentation provided inside the notebook. If you are unfamiliar with the Jupyter notebook environment, please consult their documentation.

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