Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What license is the Menpo Project under?

The Menpo Project is under the 3-clause BSD license which can be found here. This means that you are free to use Menpo Project's packages (menpo, menpofit, menpo3d) in commercial products as long as you retain our copyright notice and do not use the *Imperial College London* name to promote your product. The license ofmenpodetect` is subject to the licenses of the packages that are wrapped. Please see the Menpo Team for a list of contributors.

How do I cite the Menpo Project?

A description of the Menpo Project was presented in the ACM Multimedia 2014 conference. Therefore, this publication is the reference paper to cite if you use any package of the Menpo Project within any academic paper.

J. Alabort-i-Medina*, E. Antonakos*, J. Booth*, P. Snape*, and S. Zafeiriou. (* Joint first authorship)
Menpo: A Comprehensive Platform for Parametric Image Alignment and Visual Deformable Models, In Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Multimedia, MM ’14, New York, NY, USA, pp. 679-682, 2014. ACM.
[pdf] [bibtex]

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We request that if you do use the Menpo Project for an academic publication within any displicine that you cite the above paper!

How do I install a development version?

Please see the Setting Up A Development Environment guide.

Can I use the Menpo Project as a black box to detect landmarks on facial images?

The Menpo Project provides a command line tool for automatic state-of-the-art landmark detection on facial images using pre-trained models. For more information, please refer to the menpocli package. However, note that the purpose of the Menpo Project is to provide solutions for modelling any deformable object; there is nothing specific at all to human face.

Why 'Menpo'?

Menpo were facial armours which covered all or part of the face and provided a way to secure the top-heavy kabuto (helmet). The Shinobi-no-o (chin cord) of the kabuto would be tied under the chin of the menpo. There were small hooks called ori-kugi or posts called odome located on various places to help secure the kabuto's chin cord.

--- Wikipedia, Menpo

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