Linux Expert Installation

It is important to note that as part of the installation, you will be creating an isolated environment to execute Python inside. Make sure that this environment is activated in order to be able to use Menpo!

  1. Download and install Miniconda either for Python 2 or for Python 3 on Linux. Make sure to choose the correct architecture (32/64) for your copy of Linux.
  2. Install Conda by executing the installation script you just downloaded:

       $ cd ~/Downloads
       $ chmod +x
       $ ./
  3. After following the instructions you should be able to access conda from a terminal.

  4. Create a fresh conda environment by using

       $ conda create -n menpo python
  5. Activate the environment by executing:

       $ source activate menpo
  6. Install the whole Menpo Project and all of its dependencies:

       (menpo)$ conda install -c conda-forge menpo menpofit menpodetect menpo3d

    If you don't need all the packages, you can explicitly install a specific package with its dependencies as:

       (menpo)$ conda install -c conda-forge menpo
       (menpo)$ conda install -c conda-forge menpofit
       (menpo)$ conda install -c conda-forge menpodetect
       (menpo)$ conda install -c conda-forge menpo3d
  7. Head over to the Examples page to begin experimenting with Menpo.

    We strongly advise you to read the User Guides for all the packages in order to understand the basic concepts behind the Menpo Project. They can be found in:

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